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"The Web's Largest Learn How To Rap Tutorial Guide Will Teach You Everything You Need know To Succeed In The Rap Industry For Free"

Have you ever wondered how to rap on a professional level?

You could possibly be the next Jay-Z, Kanye West or Eminem . A all-around hip-hop super-star with the right guidance.

You never know unless you give it shot. How you think all those rap music legends got there?................................

On their own.....................Yeah right!!! All you need is some professional rap advice.

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Step 1. First and Foremost, The top most effective ingredient  to learn how to rap is to record yourself often.

  • Allows you playback your music to review it.
  • Enables you analyze,contrast and compare your music against other hip-bop legends.

After comparing your rap lyrics to some of the greatest you should be able to point out whether you need to:

  1. Add More Rhyming Words
  2. Add Punchlines
  3. Or Expand Your Word Vocabulary

with that being said the best way to improve your

rapping skills Is to experience it first hand!  

        The most effective way to accomplish this is to start your own home recording studio.

Now a days studio equipment is a lot cheaper then you think and on top of that all you need is a condenser mic, usb

audio interface, speakers and a good recording software, Which should only run you few hundred bucks!!

"If you are serious about your rap career. Don't procrastinate, because what's a  couple hundred dollars compared to millions in return!!""

I'ved searched throughout dozens of other musical stores on the internet to find the Best "cheapest" microphone and  other equipment I needed to get my professional rap career started. I Recommend:

Recording Gear - Microphones, Multitracks, Mixers, Monitors and More On Sale At zZounds.com

Step 2. Freestlying As Much As Possible While Recording Yourself.

  • Allows you to familiarize your flow to the instrumental
  • Helps you catch and maintain a steady rhythm
  • Forces you to be quick-witted and think on your feet.

Ultimately this leads into building your word capaticy and speeds up your mental thinking process.

Now your thinking like a rapper.

Tip: Keep the microphone always turned on during freestyle sessions or when you are rehearsing your rhymes.

Your most fascinating punchlines are going to come out  when you least expect it. It's imperative you catch them while recording.So you can play it back and tweak them if necessary. 

Step 3. The key to freestyling is to think of the next rhyming line beforehand

How to rap (ex 1.) Let's just say you were rapping a line right now

  • "I'm  known to get to the paper'/

while you are saying that line your mind should be focused on the next rhyming word and the sentence that needs to

go with it to make sense.






Now Let's Recap:

  • "I'm known to get to the Paper/"
  • "I run my city like the Major/"

This task is not easy, but with a lot practice your get the hang of it, just like anything else.

Step 4. When you write rap about things that are in front of you.

  • Put the current events that's happening around you in your rap lyrics. 

How To Rap (Ex) 2; Imagine you were fresh on the block with jordans on your feet and stacks in your pockets.

You're rap lyrics will go something like this:

  1. "Im the man on streets"/
  2. "Fresh j's on my feet"/
  3. "Stacks in my pocket"/
  4. "'The whole mall I might cope it"/

Step 5: Be sure to include your own personal experiences in your rap music too.

  • No one has the same exact lifestyle as you so use that to your advantage.
  • You can express your feelings on a bad or good situation that happened to you.
  • You also can turn all the weaknesses in your life to something powerful on the track

How to rap {Ex} Imagine you were a very unreliable person throughout your lifetime and all your friends and family know it, but you also was very flashy person and cared mostly about your jewelry.

Your rhyme will go something like this:

"I pulled dozens of no-shows on my homie's/ and it will never stop/"

"I told them the only thing they can count on/ is my diamond watch/"

That's the power of turning one of your weaknesses to your strength.

Keep practicing this method and you'll get the hang of it.

Step 6: Incorporate metaphors(Punchlines) in your rap lyrics

  • metaphors bring your lyrics to life
  • a great form of entertainment to show how brilliant you are.

How To Rap (Ex).4:

  1. Sharp as a tack
  2. Clean as a whistle
  3. My click deeper than the ocean
  4. I'm fresh to death Like I stepped out of a coffin

Now a days all the rappers include some type of punchlines in there hip-hop lyrics to reel the crowd in.

Step 7Make your hit rap hooks

  • HIP-HOP Fans love rap music that they can quote after easily!!!!!

How To Rap (EX)5:

I get money like a Vet(vet)

"I'm Stacking it"

So i'm stacking every dollar that Get(get)

"I'm Stacking it"

Hey I plan to make it rain but not Yet(yet)

"I'm Stacking it"

So if  you don't get a dime from me don't be Upset(set)

"Cause I'm Stacking it........"


Im Stackin It(OOOOOoooohhhh)

Then repeat...... obsurb the consistency

 of repetition(I'm Stacking it)!

You should be able to repeat the rap hook easily and  most of society should be able to relate to your topic, even while at a party DRUNK!

That's how you write hit rap hooks!

  • The point is to captivate there mind with a catchy phrase.
  • That they can use and say all day in there daily life!!

* I highly recommend you write your chorus first, So the entire song will be related and create a vivid picture everyone can understand.

Step 8.Listen closely to friends and family,

  • Because more than likely they have a favorite line they like to use after most of their sentences that's popular with everybody.
  • Use that phrase everybody is using and turn it into a song quickly!!
  • Start with there catchy phrase and build sentences around it to match it up like (step 6 did above.)

Step 9. Write as much as possible and read dictionaries & books

  • Helps you boost your vocabulary
  • Helps you compose fresh new ideas you never heard before

Continuously read books and dictionaries this will help expand your word horizon and maximize your sentence structure.

Apply this technique correctly and you'll be destroying your competitors with your phenomenal wordplay!

Step 10. Now its to promote and get your hit rap music heard!

  • Once you understand all these how to rap techniques and apply them to your hip-hop rap lyrics you should be able to construct a pretty solid song that is definitely worth selling to all those people who buy rap music out there.
  • I've personally  tested out several of sites that proclaim to sell your songs and there's only one I recommend, because they allow you to keep your song rights ,100% of the profit, and they distribute them to all the major music services to reach millions of potential fans for nearly free. Sign up for your free Tunecore account and pay $9.99 for worldwide music distribution.

Repeating these steps daily will definitely help you learn how to rap.

Rapping is just like any other hobby. The more you practice at it the better you will get at it!

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