How To Rap With Double Rhyming Words

Double rhyming words is what makes your flow sound professional. All the top artists in the rap game apply this technique. First you need to figure out what two words you want to start with-then split the words individually to find a matching rhyming word for each one separately!

The whole point of double rhyming words sense is to rhyme two times together at the end of two sentences.

Example: It's Time To Step Your Game Up/

I never been a lame bra

I'm all about my money/

And no you can't change'em/

notice how the  last two words that are darkened at the end of these phrases are Double Rhyming two times. Sounds Dope right!

Well that's the technique all legendary rappers apply, and that's exactly what the A&R's are listening for when they evaluate your songs.

When you are using this method you must make sense,

Make sure you short rhyme. And include powerful metaphors.

The rap stations will be playing your music in no time now. Be sure to take your time when your lyrics.

In fact its best to take a break after every 4 bars and go do something else.

When you come back with a fresh mind state you'll be amazed at what you say for next 4 bars.

Repeat this process and I bet you will have a explosive verse packed with well-thought of metaphors and double rhymes!

First find a phrase you like then say it. Let's say you said," don't approach me in the wrong way/"

You must find a rhyming words for "wrong" first and then do the say for way" next

With your list of rhymes for both of this words try to put a pair together that make sense.

Like" Long"Day" works really well for this situation.


Now its time to connect a sentence before "Long"Day" That make sense and is short enough to land perfectly.

Here's an Example: Don't approach me in the wrong way/

or else its gone be a long day/

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Then continue the same way throughout the rest of that verse.

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